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Patrick Dunachie (Kings Singers) and Jess Gillam on 'This Classical Life' podcast

“This is so beautiful...this version for me is incredibly simple and really takes it back to its (Irish) roots"

Suzzie has gained a reputation for her folky style of singing:

Trad Irish - Wexford Carol (Francis Kelly, Harp)
Trad Irish - My Lagan Love
Trad Irish - The Darkest Midnight (Papagena)

She also sings in professional women's a cappella vocal ensemble, Papagena and has written and arrange a number of pieces for them:

Trad Irish arr. Vango - Don oíche úd i mBeithil (Papagena)
16th Century arr. Vango - Gaudete (Papagena)
Vango - Balulalow (Papagena)
Flory Jagoda arr. Vango - Hamisha Asar (Papagena)
Guns n Roses arr. Vango - Sweet Child O' Mine
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